Our setup in Ohio.
Special THANKS to
Sharon,Eber,Ariel and Brianna for
Good time spent with family in Ohio
took us to                      click the link
and check it out.
Jim's and Patty's Home
Welcome to our new web site. This is a new on going project. And a new learning
experience for us. So please over look our mistakes and do check back often because
building this site will be slow.
We would like to gather up some of the web's most useful, helpful sites. From a good tech site to good cancer info. And a good
safe place for the grand children to play. And with your help we could do a little Site seeing. So if you would Please send me
some of your favorite sites to
myfavoritesites@jimandpatty.net it would be a big thanks.
Not all sites sent we be posted
This is just a hobby and we do not mean to do
anything offensive or illegal. It would only be here
because we did not know or fully understand. Let us
know at
You most not have  known   if you see
something you believe to be offensive or
illegal And we will look in to it right away. Thanks Jim
Nik,our God son
A great time with close friends in Georgia
Click here to see
The way we did it
Click on these names to visit each of their web pages
While in Georgia we went up to Peggy's and Tommy
Joe's for our great grand baby's first birthday,Click on
this link to see pictures from
Peggy's and Tommy Joe's.
Randa (our great grand baby) click on this link to see
pictures of
Randa E Yearly
Going to stay in Georgia for the Winter so will
not have to many pictures of our travels to stuff
like this
Mule RoundUp
Family came down from West Virginia for the
week of Thanksgiving click this link to see
See Thanksgiving week
Went up to my brother Fred's home to
build him a computer. Took a couple of
Can be viewed now however it is not complete I am
working with my brother on getting the pictures for it.
The only ones on it now are the ones I had with me.
Weather Morgantown
Xmas is about here again here is a look
at some of last years
Christmas 2008
Welcome to
Well Some Guy pulled right out in front of me when I was doing 45mph. The crash totaled the
scooter. I found this Suzuki 800 Intruder down in Daytona Beach and Patty and I went and got
 Click for to see
We have had another high School
Graduation. Our God son Chris.
Was not easy to get pictures but
here are some.
We are going to have a new
I know I have not kept this site updated
Though Patty's Illness.I am going to get it
updated. And I would just like to say, Patty is
missed deeply and loved dearly.